Human Rights Day Festival

Today is a very special day! 10th of Dec 2020, is the day of the Human Rights. It’s the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We received a invitation from the United Nations department in Mexico and we’re very excited to be part of the festivity in kind of a gratis virtual concert today. This is a initiative of the Latinamerican countries and Raggabund will represent Perú & Bolivia with the Song “Justicia feat. Krisso MC”.

There will be many fine artists like Emmanuel Meme del Real (Café Tacvba), Andrea Echeverri (Aterciopelados), the brasilian singer Daniela Mercur, the french-chilean Anita Tijoux, the argentine Gustavo Santaolalla with Estela de Carloto, the german-peruvian brothers Paco Mendoza & Don Caramelo (Raggabund), and many more.

This commemoration today is very important and should be for everyone of us facing the realities of migration, climate change and the need of fair distribution of healt care resources with Covid-19. Let’s celebrate today and click here to be part of it!

This are the times of broadcasting:
• 26:00 o´clock or 2:00 AM after midnight (Central European Time)
• 19:00 Mexico (UTC-6)
• 20:00 Perú (UTC-5)
• 21:00 Bolivia (UTC-4)
• 22:00 Argentina (UTC-3)

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