Fuerza Pura – Single & Video Release

Check out this new single from Raggabund singer Paco Mendoza alongside Peligro SoundSystem. A small work of art, which was created some time ago in Chile’s vibrant capital Santiago. After attending a Cumbia-Digital concert, Mikey Board and Paco felt so inspired that they immediately got to work in their hotel room and wrote this song. Back in Germany, they were able to get multi-instrumentalist Yerar Chávez to record the virtuoso charango and flute parts for them. The result is a largely instrumental, quiet electro-cumbia, which combines andean pentatonics, driving grooves and rich choirs to a true oasis of sound. The argentinian videoartist and musician Fabricio Bolla is founder of Peligro and director of this wonderful videoclip. FUERZA PURA is OUT NOW! Click here to get FUERZA PURA on your player!

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