Southasia Tour 3.0

Endlich ist alles ready für unsere Südasientour 3.0! Ende 2017 und Anfang 2018 durften wir schon die hammer Vibes in Pakistan, Sri Lanka und Indien spüren. Klickt hier rein um euch einen kleinen Eindruck davon zu machen. Am Samstag geht es, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Goethe-Institut und der Pasch-Initiative, wieder in das wunderschöne Indien und erstmalig nach Nepal und Bangladesch. Wir freuen uns auf feine Shows & Workshops und all die neuen Eindrücke die uns dort erwarten. Hier unsere nächsten Shows:

Lost Tapes Re-Release

New release on Erste Welt Records! Paco Mendoza alongside DJ Vadim with their EP LOST TAPES. Featuring Yarah Bravo, Don Caramelo and Deuce Eclipse. Play it now on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, etc… Visit our shop for Vinyl-Edition! Here is one song from the EP:

The videoclip for “Los ejes de mi carreta” was shot in Lima Perú with Gonzalo Gatto and Christian Rinke. Enjoy the vibes!

A mi me gusta el desorden

We’re very proud about this release! Desorden Público featuring Raggabund with „A mi me gusta el desorden“ (I like the disorder). The Ska & 2-Tone band Desorden Público from Venezuela is very well known in whole Latin America. They toured all over the world, influenced and worked together with so many big artists, had also Top 10 Hits. We love them for their music, their power and sociocritical lyrics. It was an big honour for us to record this song in the studio and to be part of this great album „Bailando sobre las ruinas“ (Jump Up! Records, 2017). Now also available as Vinyl LP!

Shows / Dates

  • 29 June 2019 ǀ
    • 21:00
      D – Hergensweiler, Woodstockenweiler Festival
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Buena Medicina (Album)

Raggabund opens the next chapter and presents their new album "Buena Medicina". On their latest piece of work the german band merges their love for reggae and latinbeats to a fine blend of organic sounds with handmade grooves and punchlines. The current Raggabundsound emerged from the close co-operation with swiss reggae-artists "The Dubby Conquerors". This swiss-offbeat-protagonists have already worked and produced with different names such as Glenn Washington, Bobby Digital or Phenomden. Now they have brought the Raggabundsound "back to the roots". On the album are 13 songs full of warm analogue sounds, reaching from jazzy tunes (Gestern war Gestern) up to pumping cumbia basslines (Chilling).

Get your BUENA MEDICINA as MP3 on i-Tunes / Amazon or buy the CD-Digipak in OUR SHOP!