AFD Nee Nee – Single

Raggabund besinnt sich auf seine Wurzeln. Knapp 20 Jahre nach dem Albumdebut “Erste Welt” veröffentlichen sie ein glasklares Statement gegen Rassismus, Willkür, soziale Missstände und Unmenschlichkeit. Inspiriert von unzähligen Protesten in den Gross- und Kleinstädten der Republik skandieren sie deren Slogan “AFD – Nee Nee”. Der Bass drückt, die Bläser swingen und der steady Beat geht in die Beine.

Lágrimas de hielo – Single

Hey friends! We have a new song out now! It’s called “Lagrimas de hielo” and translated it means “tears of ice”. It’s about separation and the search for new paths. We did this production together with Oneness Records for the Unidad Riddim Selection alongside Latin American artists like Fidel Nadal, Morodo, Sara Lugo, Lengualerta and many more. Just click here to listen our tune on your favorite music streaming service. This song was produced by Morry & Fred from the Band DUB-INC from France and mixed by Umberto Echo.

Spotify Playlist #5

As Bob already said, sometimes we gotta take a lift from reality we just can’t drift. Here’s the therapy-playlist you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy the tunes we’ve selected for you on Spotify. And tell us if you’re missing one 😉 Just click & share this link to turn on and tune in!