No pasaran – Single Release

Over 20 years ago we deeply fell in love with Reggae & Dub music. Massive basslines, kinky chops and majestic horns build the foundation of this rebel music. Now we express this admiration with our new single “No pasaran”. This mid tempo song creates a spiritual energy and takes the listener on an mystic journey with some floating pedal steel sounds, conscious lyrics and the will of change. We produced this tune together with our swiss homies Mikey Board and De Luca from The Dubby Conquerors, Klaus Reinhardt on the pedal steel, The Scrucialists-drummer Eric Gut and bass player Dominik “Baumi” Baumgartner. „No pasaran“ was mixed and mastered by dub-master Umberto Echo in Munich. Click here to get NO PASARAN on your player! (Fotos: Philipp Liebhart)

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