Spotify Playlist #4

From Dub to outta space! Take a drag and float away with some high-grade echoes and space delays. We’ve collected some very fine tunes & destinations for you on Spotify. Listen to this trippy mixture of Reggae, Afrobeat, Cumbia and stuff. Bon voyage!

No me gusta (Single)

Our new single “No me gusta” is available now on all digital download and streaming platforms! Unpolished and earthy Reggae-Beats combined with spanish lyrics and a catchy violin theme. We recorded this Song in collaboration with the munich based producer and our amigo Dizzlematic. So we hope you like it!

Spotify Playlist #3

Positive Vibra! We’ve collected a playlist full of positivity for you to take a lift and escape the bad news for a moment. Enjoy this collection of good-vibe-songs we love or we just currently hear. So get rid of the lockdown blues!

Spotify Playlist #2

Wrapped in Reggae! Listen to some of our favourite cover tracks of big international hits wrapped in Reggae Music!

Boss (Acoustic Version)

Am 8.5.2020 wurde die akustische Version von “Boss” veröffentlicht! Es ist die zweite Singleauskopplung der kommenden EP “Boss”. Das Ganze erscheint über unser Label ERSTE WELT RECORDS. Für weitere Infos zum Song hier klicken.
(Produced by Raggabund & The Dubby Conquerors / Lyrics: Paco Mendoza, Caramelo / Music: Paco Mendoza, Caramelo, Mikey Board, De Luca / Pedal Steel Guitar: Klaus Reichardt / Guitars: De Luca / Guitar Adds: Damian Hersche / Percussion: Beda Ehrensperger / Mix: Umberto Echo / Mastering: Dieter Pimiskern)